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Apple Lube Center is the number one option for routine maintenance for those in the Springfield, Illinois area. Our quality, full-service and synthetic oil changes have led to the increased performance and durability of thousands of vehicles since our opening over 20 years ago. When people need fluid replacement or quality oil changes, they know they can trust our experienced technicians at Apple Lube Center for a fast, affordable service. Call us today to learn more or stop by, no appointment needed!


Providing quality preventative maintenance for all vehicles since 1997.

Affordable Prices

We accept all major credit cards and payment options and offer competitive rates!

Timely, Friendly Service

Not only do we provide swift and efficient service, but we do it with a smile.

Open 5-Days A Week

We are open 5-days a week to ensure that we can accommodate all schedules.

Our Top-Rated Services

oil changes in springfield illinois

Basic & Basic +++ Oil Changes

It is recommended that you have your oil changed every 3,500 to 5,000 miles in order to increase your engine’s efficiency.

synthetic blend oil change springfield il

Synthetic Blend Oil

Not as expensive as full synthetic oil, but much better than conventional motor oil. These can withstand higher temperatures.

full synthetic motor oil change springfield illinois

Full Synthetic Motor Oil

The most expensive option and once used for high-performance cars but have become a popular choice for mainstream vehicles.

air filters springfield il

Air Filters

If your vehicle’s air filter gets too dirty, your engine is unable to take in enough air into the combustion chambers which hinders performance.

cabin air filter springfield illinois

Cabin Air Filters

Your cabin air filters are designed to prevent outside allergens and dust from entering your vehicle’s cabin area, resulting in clean, fresh air.

wiper blade services springfield illinois

Wiper Blades

Are you windshield wiper blades going bad? If so, Apple Lube Center has the perfect replacement blades of all sizes to fit your vehicle.

radiator flush springfield il

Radiator Flush

A radiator flush helps eliminate rust or sediment in your cooling system. We can replace your coolant to help protect your vehicle from corrosion.

oil changes springfield il

Power Steering Fluid

If you hear a whining or squealing noise when your vehicle’s wheels turn, it can be a sign that you need to flush your power steering fluid.

apple lube center springfield illinois

Locally-owned & Operated

When you need fluid replacement or an oil change, you can trust our experienced technicians at Apple Lube Center for a fast, affordable service.

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